Costume party xdating

xdating in costume

This time I invited wonderwoman to dance. Not the real one, it was a costume party. Her costume was a very hot version of Wonderwoman, but her face was completely covered, it was a little strange. It was a very sexy dancing too, until something happened to the lights, it was a power loss. I get her hands to avoid lossing her in the crowd, and we went to the roof, there was nobody else there. It was a cloudy night, so I barely see her. We start chating about the weather, old relationships, some hands going on, and a kiss apeared. It was strange with her mask, so i asked her to take the mask off, I cant see her anyway, and she cant see me. Both of us gets very horny, she asked me to penetrate her… oh man, I was having sex with wonderwoman, but suddenly, it seems she cum, get dressed, sayd “Bye” end leaved… Incredible, I didnt cummed yet! Oh shit, and we didnt see ourselve faces, so I still dont know who was that girl, who was wonderwoman. That was a fucking shit xdating, with an unknown girl.
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